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Hello people and welcome to my hacks download so you are mad and rage quiting? well come here and download my hack files! so how do i put my hack files?


How to hack your gameEdit

Ok people your happy right ok then hes the list you need:



hack game file

1) plug your ipod/iphone/ipad

2) download my hack files

3) click ifunbox

4) click the game and find the file for exp( player.dat or faults.def and other)

5) delete that dat or file and replace it

6) close it and play the game

7) you should see what it gives you heres the list

9999999 coins

9999999 health

Creative to survival

888,888,888 coins

888,888,888 acorns

888,888,888 friends

Played dat game

i hope you enjoy

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look at other hack games photo.this how it shows you.

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